Six o’clock my ass! I had to be at his place at six which basically meant that I would have to leave home at 5:00 a.m., which basically meant I would have to be awake by 4:00 a.m. or earlier. So I rested for the remainder of the afternoon. Moving away from this place wouldn’t be difficult; I owned a small amount of clothing and supplies. I set the alarm on my phone before I forgot, then began reading a Rance novel.

My phone rang and I looked at the number it was unknown but I answered anyway.

“Miss Cole, I need you.”

I couldn’t be believe what I was hearing. “Mr. Hollen?” I asked to make certain this wasn’t a joke.


“But I told you I will start in the morning.”

“Do you want the job Miss Cole or not? Because if you’re no longer interested I can easily find a replacement with a snap of my fingers.”

“I’ll be there.” I blurted. I leaped out of bed and headed for the for the shower. “I cannot afford to lose this job before I even start.” I told myself as the water washed over me.

I was out of my apartment by 6:30 p.m. He had instructed me to meet him at his office, and her take me to the mansion since I had no idea how to find it on my own. I met him in the private parking lot outside of the building and followed him to a black Lamborghini.

“You drive your own car?” I asked as I got in the passenger side.

“I’m capable.” He answered shortly.

I kept my mouth shut for the remainder of the ride, he was quiet and attentive to the road.

We arrived at a pair of golden gates that opened automatically and revealed the most beautiful mansion my eyes had ever seen. My mouth opened wide with awe and amazement.

He parked the car and I slowly opened the door and got out. I followed him through the entrance and into the living room. I had to stop to take it all in.

There was a huge chandelier in the middle of the foyer, and I wondered, if a light went out, how tall of a ladder one would need to fix it. Luxury furniture, rugs, and paintings decorated the rooms I could see. Mr. Hollen had expensive taste, yet the homey scent was so smoothing.

“Halley!” He called as he left through another door.

Who’s Halley? I wondered. Is he married? Does he have kids? I knew nothing about his personal life, but here I was, already crushing on him. You need to stop it? You pent up virgin? I commanded myself.

A young woman around my age appeared with him.

“This is Emma Cole. She’s a new maid and my personal coffee maker.” He introduced us then left.

She looked at him wide-eyed as he went on his way, as if she couldn’t wrap her head around what he just said, then looked at me and glared as if I had taken something away from her.

“Hello, I’m Emma.” I greeted, trying to break the silence.

“I know, he said that.” She responded rudely.

“Well, um, can you show me where I can make his coffee?” I asked, hoping she would be nicer.

“Follow me.” She turned on her heels and I followed suit.

“Ah, he finally brought some more help?” An older woman asked as we entered the kitchen. She was a fit woman with a beige complexion and low flowing blonde hair with light brown eyes like mine.

“This is Emma, maid and coffee maker.”

By the way she said it I sensed she wasn’t happy about me being there or preparing coffee for Mr. Hollen, or something along those lines because she had no idea who I was. We’d never met before, so what the hell was her problem?

“Hello Emma, I’m Agnes. I do the cooking and cleaning. Halley, here, assists with the cooking and cleaning as well since this place is so big. It’s nice to meet you.”

Agnes was much more welcoming than Halley.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Miss. Agnes?”

She smiled sweetly. “Just call me Agnes or Aggie.” She laughed.

I nodded.

Halley snapped her fingers in my face.

“Stop dreaming. The coffee machine is right over there. Get to it.”

I walked over and prepared a cup of coffee for Mr. Hollen. I was happy I knew what I was doing instead of having to ask Halley for help. At least Carl’s Cafe gave me experience on a few things in the kitchen.

I had no idea what to do when I finished.

Should I bring it up to his room? No, that’s his personal space. Should I call him down? What? No, I’m not his wife. Should I wait? What if it gets too cold? I shouldn’t have made the coffee until he told me so, but that’s what he hired me for-coffee.

I signed with relief as the door opened and he entered. He came right over, took the coffee then left.

I went over to Agnes. “How did he know I was finished?” I whispered.

She pointed to the ceiling where there was a camera rotating at a three-sixty angle. He could see everything that was going on.

“Wow.” Was all I said.

A red light started blinking and the phone rang. “Someone get that.” Said Agnes; she had her hands in a flour mixture.

“I’ll get it.” Halley insisted and rushed over to the phone, but before she could answer the call stopped. She ran out of the kitchen.

“Is she always this eager?” I asked once she left.

“Mr. Hollen doesn’t like slackers, and he doesn’t like to repeat himself; so, when he speaks you better listen, and don’t interrupt.” She warned. “He fired the previous maid before Halley because she turned away when he was talking to her.”

“How long has Halley been working here?”

“And you?”

“Ten years. I was chef to his parents.”

I wanted to know more about him, and Agnes had been around long enough to know a lot about him, but I didn’t want to give the wrong impression on my first day. I would know in due time.

“Emma, you’re wanted in the office.” Halley let out sharply when she came back.

“Where’s the office?”

“Halley, show her to the office. You know its her first day here.” Agnes instructed.

She led me up a flight of stairs then turned left on the second floor. She pointed to the sign on the door which read: “The Office.” Her point indicated that I should look the next time I was needed there, or anywhere really. She went back downstairs as I knocked.

“Come.” He commanded.

He was sitting at a desk on his computer with reading glasses on. He looked so intelligent.

“Yes, sir?”

“Emma, whenever you are to make my coffee, I will instruct you when to so and where to bring it. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Hollen.”

“Also, you’re staying the night.”

I had seen the servants’ quarters when we’d pulled up. It was along the right side of the mansion-a nice, warm place, like a big cottage, with separate rooms and personal spaces. I couldn’t wait to see the inside.

“Help Halley prepare a guest bedroom for you downstairs.” He continued.

I was taken a back? I would be staying inside the mansion? In a guest bedroom?

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