CHAPTER 2. Rachel raked her eyes over the full length, sequinned gown she wore, it clung to every curve and sported slits on both sides clear up to the hip. Her makeup was flawless to perfection. Nathan had taken her to an expensive studio in the early afternoon to transform her entire outlook, he blondContinue reading “PURCHASED WIFE.”


CHAPTER 1. “Why must I get married?” Nathan yelled at his father through the phone. His father, Antonio Rossi promised him his inheritance three days after his twenty-eighth birthday. Nathan had been ecstatic about it. His inheritance was supposed to grant him seventy five percent of his father’s company Rossi’s Empire. His birthday had passedContinue reading “PURCHASED WIFE.”


PROLOGUE. Emma Cole, a nerd in high school and untouched all throughout her life at a community college, was abandoned by her birth parents and grew up in foster care homes all around New York. Whenever her name was mentioned, the people who knew her laughed and called her foul names, since she looked likeContinue reading “THE HOLLENS SERIES.”

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